ALBUM: "Songs From The Vault" will be released this Fall!


Sallie Vee is a singer, songwriter, pianist, composer, independent recording artist, and music producer based in Austin, Texas performing original songs and rock ‘n roll covers at beloved live music venues throughout the United States each year.

ALBUM: "Backdrop: A Meditative Piano Collection" will be released this Summer!

ALBUM: "Mom's Favorites: Sacred Songs At The Piano" will be released this Summer!

ALBUM: "December Days: A Collection of Holiday Favorites" will be released November 1st!


For booking inquiries, please email the Sallie Vee Team!

As an entertainer, Sallie Vee creates each set according to what her audience loves to hear! Classic rock, metal, pop, punk, blues, country, folk, and even gospel, Sallie Vee is here for all of it!

LARGE STAGE SHOWS, FESTIVALS, EVENTS… For large stage shows, festivals, and events, Sallie Vee brings along some talented friends for a full band sound creating a true “theatrical rock” show! Relive your rock concert days! We’re playing all your favorites!

MEDIUM VENUES, SMALL VENUES, WEDDING RECEPTIONS... For small to medium venues and wedding receptions, backing tracks and disc jockey sound equipment can be used to supplement Sallie Vee’s vocals and digital piano sound. 

COFFEE HOUSES, LOUNGES, WINE BARS, FINE DINING, HOUSE PARTIES… Sallie Vee brings softer vocals with piano to create a reflective sound for your intimate environment. 

WEDDING CEREMONIES, CHURCH EVENTS, RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS, … For wedding ceremonies, religious organizations and church events, Sallie Vee brings traditional hymn arrangements, gospel, and contemporary worship music. For a special keynote event, Sallie Vee presents music paired with humorous and heartfelt stories for an hour of inspiration that will leave the audience feeling refreshed and inspired.

For booking inquiries, please email the Sallie Vee Team!


Beginning the week of May 26th, Sallie Vee will host special LIVE STREAMS! It's free to join, and it's free to FOLLOW! We're going to have a good time!